Mercedes Benz seat bleeding or color problem

Make: Mercedes Benz                                                                                                                                                                          Problems: Seat Bleeding or Color

Summary: Actually, Mark, the TSB was issued 12/19/2014, so they must have known about this problem for quite some time. Since not a word was even mentioned about this on any online forum before that 1/4 post, I’d bet the first reports of a problem were from dealers seeing it on cars in their lots. Cold nights, warm days, bleeding seats. Some very puzzled customers must have also brought their cars in, wondering what was happening to the seats in their new cars. On my car, an August build, the seats were normal until December, even though we have had below freezing temperatures since I picked up the car on 9/22.

I think my post on 1/4 was the first online report, and I got a call from MB-USA almost immediately after posting that … and the rep specifically referred to that post. I was also asked about damage to clothing several times, and that’s one of the issues addressed by this newest MB letter. The current response is a reaction to the seat issue now being publicly exposed by online media, and is a much needed attempt to calm owners who are seeing this disfigurement of their interiors. It’s my understanding that new supplies of MB-Tex are being imported from Germany and will be retrofitted to all affected vehicles.

One question I have is about the Mb-world claim that this is caused by the glue that attaches the cover to the foam. On the main page article, this claim is made … and it goes against everything we’ve postulated here, as well as the MB explanation of a bad sealant. Where did that come from? Also, if the covers are glued, how will they be replaced without damaging the foam underneath?

Regarding compensation from MB … that’s a question that remains open. Even after pressing the issue, I have received no specific responses other than “we want you to have a good experience with your new car.” That means MB is still dealing with that issue and has reached no decision yet. I’m sure many of the phone calls they must be getting from irate owners are raising that question and want some commitment from them. They’re not going to be handing out new cars for a fixable problem … if that’s the only issue with the car. My guess is that they’ll offer free service coupons or extended warranties, but no vehicle replacements except in extraordinary circumstances that reach or border on Lemon Law status.


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  1. I have a 2012 glk 350 Mercedes Benz. And what you explained regarding the seats bleeding/melting is Exactly what I’m experiencing with my two front seats. I’ve always regarded Mercedes as one of the best vehicles to own, but at this point, I have my doubts. Ive owned several MB’s & truly, MB TEX is the cheapest material I have ever encountered!

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