2009 Subaru Forrester with engine problems

Wife is driving a 2009 XT Turbo limited which she loves. 28k miles, serviced every 3700 miles, only uses 93 octane Shell gas.This past week while driving on 95 in Stamford CT, the car started making strange noises. No warning lights came on. She called our local dealer in Danbury, CT to make an appointment for the next day.Within a few minutes, the noise intensified, started bucking, and died in the left hand lane of busy route 95 with cars speeding by.Thankfully, she coasted off to the side, got the car restarted to get off the highway, and the car again died a few blocks away.Towed on a flat bed to Danbury. Lucky she brought her coat, mittens, and cell phone or she would have been in tough shape. She is lucky she was not rear ended and killed.Tow truck driver says “We do not usually have new Subaru Foresters totally break down and need towing”Diagnosis: Connecting Rod Failure!!Failure of a connecting rod, usually called “throwing a rod” is one of the most common causes of catastrophic engine failure in cars, frequently putting the broken rod through the side of the crankcase and thereby rendering the engine irreparable.Such failures are quite rare on production cars used for normal daily driving.Subaru is replacing the entire engine block as we speak.Word to the wise: Always carry your cell phone for emergencies, take your winter coat and gloves, strongly consider extended warranty especially for cars with turbos.Interesting: I have a 2009 turbo Forester, and a new 2010 legacy 6 cylinder. I decided to get the extended warranty not knowing about quality control on the new model year.

Source: http://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f88/2009-forester-xt-turbo-engine-failure-66958/

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