2011 Sonata Sport with alignment and suspension issues

Hyundai will inspect the entire suspension system and make adjustments, as needed, on impacted sedans. If that does not correct the complaint, the dealers will replace the struts and reprogram the electronic power steering. Hyundai believes the majority of complaints can be addressed through the suspension inspection and adjustment. A suspension alignment and a new front left strut improved matters and reduced complaints among our staff, but we still feel the car should track better. Other Sonata owners have had more severe symptoms and complaints. Hyundai issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) with new alignment specifications for all its models last November. If you take your car into a Hyundai dealership with a complaint about the alignment or a pull, they should follow this new procedure in realigning it. When we took our Sonata Turbo in, this didn’t seem to cure the problem, and to our knowledge it has not resolved the problem for our readers, either. Few 2011 Sonata owners reported the problem to us in our last Annual Auto Survey. This problem rate was not enough to affect the Sonata’s reliability for our car recommendations, so we still recommend the 2011 Sonata. However, we are especially watchful of this issue and we’ll see what happens in the next Annual Auto Survey. It is important to note that problems experienced with our own test cars are not counted in a model’s reliability ratings.
Source: http://bit.ly/1fq87Cd

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