2012 Chevy Camaro with water leak

This is a new finding after I had to take back my 2011 Cruise this past Friday to complete the 27 Multi Point Inspection that was not completed since they discovered the Front axle leak. Was even ready to try to milk this for some compensation since I was inconveinced  by having to bring it back. While waiting for the 15/20 minute quick follow I then told they determined that the water pump should be replaced (under 100k warranty) and they would provide me transportation to and from home while this would be done. First it was the therostat, next axel leak, and now the water pump at 65,000. I sure hope this is not a warning sign. As much as I would like to stand behind my decision to buy an American made car, this could be a game changer for me if I will have any more serious troubles before long.

Source: http://www.chevroletcruzeforum.com/index.php?/topic/2264-water-pump-recall/

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