2012 Volkswagen with a defective engine

At the end of the Lease, the inspector charged me for damages that do not exist. I called VW, I talked to a supervisor. I explained to her that the inspector (who was rude) charged me for a “previous repair” without any visible damage, charged me for a dent in the door (there was no dent) and charged me for a dent BELOW the car (need to lay in the floor to see it). She said the only way they will take off those charges was with an invoice from a body shop that states that were repaired. I requested her to do another inspection and she said no, they don’t do more inspections, so because I insisted her then at the end she accepted to credit me $200 on the final bill. I went to a body shop, I explained to him what was going on and he was in shock. He told me there was nothing he could do because there was nothing to repair, I should hire an attorney. The day of the car return I explained to the person that received the car all this. He start looking at the car and he didn’t understand why I was being charged. I got the final bill a month later and I have been charged in full without any credit. We purchased a 2012 VW CC in May of 2012. The car was used and had approx. 18,000 miles at time of purchase, currently the car has 72,000. We had routine oil changes done (more than required by VW) and service to our vehicle. In 2014 at 51,000 miles our 2012 VW CC needed a new engine. We took it to a VW dealer and had the engine replaced. At the time of engine replacement, it was RECOMMENDED not included in our engine replacement that a transmission oil change may be needed. This information was not pressing in its delivery as other additional services were provided and included at time of engine replacement this was not. At the time of engine replacement the mileage was 12,000 miles over the recommended oil transmission change which was at 40,000 miles. Our car is currently at a VW dealer who is stating negligence on our part after ONE missed oil transmission change. We were quoted $5,500 to replace transmission on a car that will be three years old to us May 27, 2015. What options exist? Smells like a lemon.

Source: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/volkswagen.htm

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