2013 Ford CMAX Hybrid Engine problems

Purchased a used 2013 C-Max in March 2014, with7,000 miles. First noticed the car not getting the advertised MPG, as stated. Soon after our purchase we received a check from Ford stating the MPG estimates were incorrect.

First issue was a dead battery in July, had the car jumped and wrote it off as a user error, possibility a door ajar or something. In October 2014, again a dead battery, this time while the car was parked in the garage. Had the car jumped again, then took it in for service. Ford could not find anything wrong with it but did change the battery after we stated it was the second failure in 3 months. February 2015, while on the highway I first noticed the check engine light came on, only 11,500 miles on the car. While trying to check systems (oil, temp, etc.) I received a warning message “Stop now, pull over for safety”. As this happened I noticed the car engine stopped running, I had no power to the gas pedal, while all electrical systems we’re still running. I was able to pull off the highway and get to the bottom of the ramp, gas motor clearly shut down. Checked everything I could, then turned the car off and restarted. The car turned back on with the “Ready to drive” indicator on, and the check engine light still on, I was able to drive it home.

Took to Ford the next day, was told the car needed some software updates and there was a recall on a software application that needed updating. The tech drove the car, unable to duplicate the issue I experienced on the highway.

Source: http://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/C-Max_Hybrid/2013/engine/engine_stalls_shuts_down_while_driving.shtml

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