Volkswagen Class Action Lawsuit Venue

Our office is filing claims on an individual basis.  We expect settlement or resolution within 6 months to a year, a compared with the 2-3 year time period expected with class action.

Venue for the Volkswagen diesel emissions class action has been discussed in several publications.  The Center for Class Action Fairness, has argued  that the Volkswagen cases—all consumer class actions—should be coordinated before a single judge who could ensure fairness to all class members. That filing follows more than 300 class actions brought against Volkswagen in the United States.  Consumers allege they were duped into paying premium prices for “clean diesel” cars that the EPA has said emit as much as 40 times the standard for nitrogen oxides.

“The scandal erupted last month, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notified Volkswagen that some of its diesel cars made since 2009 had a “defeat device” in them designed to cheat emissions tests in violation of the Clean Air Act. The devices are believed to be in 482,000 cars in the United States. Volkswagen said on Oct. 15 it was recalling 8.5 million vehicles in Europe.”   Volkswagen Litigation Provokes Criticism in Rare Form, Amanda Bronstad, National Law Journal, Read more:

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