Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Defect

A class action has been filed alleging multiple defects in the Nissan Pathfinder transmission.  That action references multiple service bulletins identifying problems with the vehicle.

“21. In fact, on January 10, 2013, Nissan sent its dealers Technical Service Bulletin (“TSB”) No. NTB13-002, titled “VOLUNTARY SERVICE CAMPAIGN / 2013 PATHFINDER TCM REPROGRAM.” That TSB stated that “Nissan is conducting this voluntary service campaign to reprogram the Transmission Control Unit (TCM) on certain specific 2013 Model Year Pathfinder vehicles.” The TSB also stated that the reprogramming “will prevent a CVT belt slip condition from occurring and will be performed at no charge for parts or labor.”

22. TSB No. NTB13-002 also explained that it did not apply to vehicles where there is “not a match” with the list of applicable TCM Part Numbers, which may occur in circumstances where the reprogramming “has already been done.” Through this statement, Nissan acknowledged that it had reprogrammed the TCM on some 2013 Pathfinders prior to issuing the TSB, likely prior to their sale or lease to consumers, which indicates that Nissan was aware of the CVT defect before many of the 2013 Pathfinders entered the market.
23. TSB No. NTB13-002 also included a draft letter to current owners of Nissan Pathfinders informing them that “the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belt may slip in some affected 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Vehicles. An indicator that the CVT belt has slipped is a shaking or a ‘judder’ from the CVT when coasting.” The draft letter also misinformed consumers that “[t]his is not a safety issue, and the vehicle still meets and/or exceeds all applicable safety standards.”

24. The TCM reprogram prescribed by TSB No. NTB13-002 did not correct the defect in the Vehicles’ CVT. Rather, the Vehicles’ owners and lessees continued to experience the CVT’s shaking and juddering and the dangerous failure of their transmissions to accelerate properly. Nissan, instead of disclosing its knowledge of the Vehicles’ dangerous defect, concealed that knowledge by issuing the ineffective TSB No. NTB13-002 to allay consumers’ concerns.


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