Ford Fiesta Stalling & Hesitation

1.  Ford Fiesta Deemed Lemon

A  New Jersey Court deemed a Ford Fiesta a lemon because of persistent stalling and hesitation problems.  Townsend v. Ford (2014).

2.  Ford Testimony about Hesitation and Related Problems on Ford Fiesta

“Dan Yurowski, field service engineer, testified for Ford Motor Company. He has 14 years experience with complicated repairs. He also trains service technicians at Ford Dealerships and testifies in Lemon Law cases. On March 18, 2014, he replaced the clutch in petitioner’s vehicle. It was leaking oil around the seal. When the seal failed, it impacted the clutch as it was wet. This would cause a hesitation feeling. During final repair attempt, he was told about the car bucking and hesitating. He conducted a 15-mile road test and was unable to verify the complaints.

He noted that the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus have a DPS6 transmission, which is a new design. It is dual dry transmission system. It uses one clutch for first, second and third gears. It uses another clutch for the four and fifth gears. He likens it to a manual clutch when one can feel the gears shifts. He concludes that the vehicle will experience hesitation.   Under cross-examination, he was unable to explain why the car hesitated again on March 24 after the wet clutch/seal was repaired. He acknowledges that there are complaints about the Ford Fiesta.

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