Hyundai Paint Problem

Lemon law claims ladyHyundai owners have experienced paint problems.  A class action states,
2006-2016 Hyundai Santa Fe, Sonata and Elantra automobiles
were delivered by Hyundai with an inherent defect in the vehicle’s paint. The defect in the
paint, which was present upon delivery, manifests itself over time, causes the paint to bubble, peel and flake off of the vehicle, and can lead to rusting and corrosion.

The vehicles have paints and coatings have created concern that long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, through sun exposure for example, would cause the polymers to break down ultimately causing the paint to peel away from the vehicle.

Our office is evaluating paint problems on a contingency basis and we welcome calls about these problems.   Call (973) 598-1980

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