Subaru Oil Consumption

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Owners of the Subaru Forrester and Subaru Outback have complained of excessive oil consumption.  A class action complaint alleges systemic problems causing oil consumption in the Subaru Forrester and Outback.  Our office is handling claims for repair costs, loss of use, and diminished value.

The class action alleges the plaintiffs were required to regularly add additional engine oil to their vehicles in between the Defendant’s recommended oil change intervals in order to prevent their vehicles’ engines from failing and suffering from other related problems.  .

The Subaru vehicle engines contain four pistons, each of which contains an oil control ring.    The class action alleges defendant designed  the oil control rings to collect excess engine oil from the engine’s cylinder walls and return the collected oil.  The piston oil control rings have worn down in each of the subject vehicles and are no longer flush with the piston walls.

Because the oil control rings are no longer flush with the piston walls, excess engine oil escapes past the oil control rings and makes its way into subject vehicles’ combustion areas.   The burning off of excess oil causes a decline in the subject vehicles’ engine performance and fuel efficiency, causes carbon deposits to form, and may have caused additional damage to the subject vehicles’ engines and certain ignition
and emission components.

Owners of these vehicles may have claims for breach of warranty and seek compensation and other relief for the problems with their vehicle.


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