Addressing Jeep Cherokee Repair Procedures: Consumer Perspective

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Chrysler has had significant problems with the Jeep Cherokee.  Car and Driver and other publications describe significant problems with multiple complaints reported to the NHTSA.   With attempts to resolve the problem largely unsuccessful, Chrysler has now developed a strategy for addressing claims.  Here are some recommendations.

  1. Document your repair history At Chrysler’s suggestion, dealers may say complaints involve normal characteristics of the vehicle and repairs are not needed.  When a claim is brought, Chrysler may suggest the consumer had few problems because there is a limited repair history.  Bring your car to the dealer if you are having a problem.
  2. Describe your problems in a written summary Dealers may minimize problems in repair orders, so it is useful to have a summary of what the dealership has been told.   Describe current problems and give that summary to the dealer and keep a copy for your file.
  3. Try not to mix routine maintenance The consumer comes in for an oil change or other maintenance and the transmission problem is minimized.  Ideally, come in for the transmission problem only.
  4. 4. Repetition The consumer comes in for a problem, the dealership says nothing can be done and she does not return.   Again, ongoing problems should be documented.    A claim with 5 repair visits and the dealer doing nothing is far stronger than one where the consumer only went twice after the dealer discourages further evaluate.
  5. We found no problem in the test-drive It is rare to be able to readily duplicate a problem during a test-drive.   If asked, a consumer should request a thorough evaluation.
  6. Document problems in other ways.  We welcome statements from friends or family videos or other methods of showing problems with the car.

    Owners of this defective vehicles may be entitled to compensation for loss of use, diminished values, or other claims.  We offer a free consultation as part of our continuing investigation into defects in these cars.

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