2015 Ford Focus Transmission Defect

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Multiple problems with the Ford Focus transmission have been reported.  One customer filed a lemon law case pro se, but was not able to establish a defect under the New Jersey lemon law statute.

Petitioner  testified that she first presented her vehicle for service on September 21, 2015, regarding a concern that the vehicle “bucks and jerks” at highway speeds while accelerating. She stated that at the first service, the vehicle’s clutch was replaced by respondent. On September 25, 2015, when she again presented her vehicle for service, Caporaso stated that the vehicle was still “bucking” while “driving in town” or “stuck in traffic.” On the third service visit of October 21, 2015, she indicated that she “felt a shudder in the brake pedal” and that while driving in the city, the car would “jerk forward.” She stated that the problem was an intermittent one and that she did not feel safe in the vehicle.

Reflecting some of the challenges under the lemon law, particularly for pro ses, the Court rejected the claim finding a defect had not been proven.  Caporaso  v. Ford Motor (OAL 2015).  We welcome consultation on Ford Focus transmission problems.

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