Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems & Powershift Trans-Defect

Ford PowerShift transmission problems are the focus of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois.

The lawsuit was filed by Danielle Anderson on behalf of all U.S. consumers who purchased a vehicle equipped with a PowerShift dual clutch transmission. Anderson purchased a 2014 Ford Fiesta that started having transmission problems about 14 months after the purchase date.

Anderson says the PowerShift transmission is a $1,095 upgrade based on the idea the transmission provides the fuel economy a manual transmission in a convenient automatic.

What’s So Bad About the PowerShift? Just About Everything.

The lawsuit alleges the PowerShift transmission is defective because it “slips, bucks, kicks, jerks, gets hot, stutters, harshly engages, has premature internal wear, sudden acceleration, delay in downshifts, delayed acceleration and has difficulty stopping the vehicle, which eventually leads to transmission failure.”

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