Letter from An Employer, 10 Lessons on Job Search

Jubusinessman signing a contract

Just posted an ad for a job.  Most of the applicants were pleasant, but here are some mistakes I saw by job-seekers.
1. Research No one researched what I do and contoured a presentation to address that.
2. Long-winded letters and resumes.  Does 5 added bullet points on minor tasks really help.  Consider simple language rather than this-.  With respect to the responsibilities  that have been presented, I have been enthused to address such challenges in a multi-faceted environment.
3. Do not overstate simple tasks to create a long resume.   Job duties include changing status of replicating machine to operable, arranging and facilitating completion of defined task, and transport of required material to central office for use and compilation.   (I turned the photocopying machine on, made a copy, and put it in the mail).  But do highlight significant accomplishments. One applicant was the HR director of a well-known restaurant but that accomplishment was hidden in the middle of the page.
4. Social media  Employers will check public portions of your Facebook page.   Maybe someone should post a Youtube or other video link. Imagine an being to see an applicant without bringing him or her in for a formal interview.
5. Materials other than resume  Create something interesting pertinent to my position. Send it or ask to send it.  .
6. Caps  No, putting basic information in capital letters does not distinguish you.
7. Structure Creating a resume that is well-organized and easy to read does help.  One applicant took the time to use a different format that helped.  Some resumes had materials scrunched together.
8. Enthusiasm Maybe my job is just a step on your career path or something to provide a supplemental income.  But I’d like you to get excited about it.  Excitement and motivation matters, and I want to present the best image to my clients.
9. Honesty  I like  candor during an interview.  If you did not do legal work, candidly acknowledge that, but add how you other qualifications will enable you to do the work.
10. Limit Materials on the Resume I think you can present your background to help your search and that means not every task needs to be listed.  Again, try to tie what you have done to what I need.

And thank you to all  who inquired about my position.    Much of your presentations were good, and I can appreciate the challenges of a job search.  My sincere wishes for good luck and success.

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