2014 Chevrolet Silverado Transmission Problems

Chevrolet Silverado have experienced multiple transmission problems.   Here is a typical complaint from a GM Forum.   http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f53/2014-silverado-transmission-problems-164881/index9.html

Owners may be entitled to compensation for repair costs and diminished value.

Suddenly, the transmission does not seem to know which gear it is supposed to be in; between 20 and 50 mph. Plus, when it shifts, sometimes it does with a huge jolt. The most common and most concerning safety wise is; starting off in traffic; when the traffic starts, slows, then speeds up again, I press the accelerator, ease off the accelerator and back on, it does not respond (feels like it has jumped to 4th or 5th gear), the engine can’t pull it. I have no choice but to press on the gas more and maybe a little more; then, boom, it shifts, the rpm’s shoot up, the truck jumps forward. First, it’s concerning safety wise. If the vehicles in front happens to slow and my truck jumps at the wrong time, there’s potentially an accident. Second, it can’t be good on the drive train. Third, there is no way to have a smooth take off when it does it. There are other times and situations when it unpredictably shifts up or down and is not smooth nor consistent with the gear needed, again creating unsafe and rough driving. The dealer tells me that it is operating within limits and ALL these trucks are having transmission problems. But, there is nothing they can do about it. Their recommendation is drive it and continue to bring it back if it continues and they will do the same checks on it. This is not a satisfactory answer and not the quality that I expect out of GM.

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