Nissan Rogue Paint Peeling


Consumers have complained of problems with the Nissan Rogue paint.  Owners may be entitled to compensation for repair orders or repainting.  Call for a Free Consultation.
Here are some typical reports,
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“there is definitely a problem with 2013 Nissan Rogue pearl white. I’ve had the exact same issue with my paint chipping. Corporate also told me it was a warranty issue. I was told by a local body shop that worked with Daytona Nissan (where I bought the car), that it was likely a manufacturer error and they over baked the primer.”

Nissan has sometimes been unwilling to address paint problems, pointing to the expiration of stated warranties.  Here is one consumer’s letter,

January 14, 2013

Suzanne F******
Nissan Consumer Affairs
(via certified mail)

Case: 102*****
VIN: 1N********

I am in receipt of your letter dated Dec 20, 2012 denying remedy to me for the premature paint failure on my vehicle by virtue of the fact that my vehicle was four months past the warranty period (but within mileage limits) when I first noticed the situation developing. I’m not sure that the fact that the date of my first notice of the situation relative to the warranty period was ever in contention.

Here is a quote from within your communication: “Nissan carefully considered your request during a review of all the available facts pertaining to your specific situation.” Emphasis mine.

Concerning that statement, I would appreciate your response as to whether it was determined that the premature paint failure on my vehicle was caused by a latent defect in the manufacturing process or by environmental or other conditions beyond the control of Nissan. I would be especially interested to know that, if the determination was made, how this determination was performed without inspection by Nissan. Is it the policy of Nissan that paint failure on their vehicles at three years and four months after date in service is an occurrence unworthy of research to find the causative agent?

Nissan Rogue owners have asked, Is is the policy of Nissan that serious and expensive, but latent, defects in their vehicles are the entire responsibility of the owner if happenstance has it that the defect is not noticed until after the warranty period?


Nissan Rogue owners may be entitled to compensation for problems.  Call (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation.

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  1. I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue with pearl white and similar issues..
    Paint falling off in huge chunks…
    I’d love help…

    1. I also have a 2013 pearl white Nissan . Paint is so bad that I can’t even wash my car . This is not a fluke. I’ve looked at pictures of other owners and the paint is coming off in the same places . There has got to be something Nissan can do . I’m embarrassed to even drive my car . Sincerely, Mary Cormany

  2. I have a 2016 Rogue that I purchased in 2017 as a leftover. The clear coat on the nose is failing. The locale dealership took pictures and said they forwarded them to Nissan. After several phone calls I had to go into the dealership because they never returned my calls. The service Manger told me it was an issue caused by hitting bugs at high speeds. The bug causes microcracks in the clear coat which then at high speed air get under the clear coat and lifts it pealing it off. I worked in a body shop years ago and could never had told a costumer that the paint was failing because of bug damage, and kept from laughing. The clear coat is so thin you can’t get a reading with a laser micrometer. It is more of a mist than paint. This car has had more issues than any other car I have owned. Transaxle failed, several pieces of the interior have had to be put back on, after “coming loose from vibrations and road conditions” The A/C control unit had to be replaced. When getting my oil change and tire rotated. The Manger of the maintenance department said I needed to have all 4 wheels aligned and wanted to charge me 250 dollars for the front end and 250 for the rear. They said it was standard practice and was in Nissans hand book. I asked him how do you realign the rear end. “We put in on this machine and it tells us how far we need to move the tires.” I again asked “Can You realign the rear tires on a front wheel drive.” I then stated “If memory serves me, the rear tires on a front wheel drive are fixed in place, you would have to cut welded parts and reengineer the rear end.” He looked like a doe caught in the headlights. They have this wonderful window that looks out onto their shop. I observed one of their mechanics rotate and fill the tires with air. He used the same air that powered his tools. I asked the “Manger” don’t green caps on tires mean nitrogen filled. He said yes. Then why are your mechanics filling tires with regular air when a customer paid 250 dollars for nitrogen filled tires. Again Doe caught in the head lights. Maus Nissan is a scam operation of the highest magnitude. They told me at my last oil change I needed to have my rear brakes replaced. Again I asked are you sure it’s the rear brakes, ever car I ever worked on always needed front brakes 2x more than rear unless their was an issue with the master cylinder or the calipers. He again had no answer. This is the hell I have been dealing with.

  3. My 2015 nissan rogue is peeling paint. I noticed it acouple of months ago. Are they going to compensate for this?? Do I go to the dealer and ask or where I bought the vehicle

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