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Consumers have complained of problems with the Nissan Rogue paint.

“there is definitely a problem with 2013 Nissan Rogue pearl white. I’ve had the exact same issue with my paint chipping. Corporate also told me it was a warranty issue. I was told by a local body shop that worked with Daytona Nissan (where I bought the car), that it was likely a manufacturer error and they over baked the primer.” http://www.carcomplaints.com/Nissan/Rogue/2013/body_paint/paint_chipping.shtml

Nissan has sometimes been unwilling to address paint problems, pointing to the expiration of stated warranties.  Here is one consumer’s letter,

January 14, 2013

Suzanne F******
Nissan Consumer Affairs
(via certified mail)

Case: 102*****
VIN: 1N********

I am in receipt of your letter dated Dec 20, 2012 denying remedy to me for the premature paint failure on my vehicle by virtue of the fact that my vehicle was four months past the warranty period (but within mileage limits) when I first noticed the situation developing. I’m not sure that the fact that the date of my first notice of the situation relative to the warranty period was ever in contention.

Here is a quote from within your communication: “Nissan carefully considered your request during a review of all the available facts pertaining to your specific situation.” Emphasis mine.

Concerning that statement, I would appreciate your response as to whether it was determined that the premature paint failure on my vehicle was caused by a latent defect in the manufacturing process or by environmental or other conditions beyond the control of Nissan. I would be especially interested to know that, if the determination was made, how this determination was performed without inspection by Nissan. Or was the determination of whether the paint failure was due to a defect in the manufacturing process deemed to be unimportant to the resolution of this care.

Is it the policy of Nissan that paint failure on their vehicles at three years and four months after date in service is an occurrence unworthy of research to find the causative agent? Is it the policy of Nissan that serious and expensive, but latent, defects in their vehicles are the entire responsibility of the owner if happenstance has it that the defect is not noticed until after the warranty period?  http://www.goldismoney2.com/threads/letter-to-nissan-concerning-the-paint-coming-off-my-3-3-year-old-30-000-car.42174/

Owners may be entitled to compensation for problems.  Call (973) 598-1980 for a Free Consultation

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