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A number of cities have found overcharges by towing companies.    Here is a report from an Ohio investigation.

“It sparked outrage from consumers, so they turned to 10TV to help. Now, a resolution to a towing overcharge case that could impact thousands of central Ohioans. For years, towing companies in Ohio charged customers additional fees for tows and storage costs.  However, it may have gone for even longer, attorneys say, if not for some fed up consumers who felt they were being ripped off. “They had to be stopped,” says consumer Bill McCartney.  “Hit them in their pocket books.”


Under Ohio law, the rate a towing company can charge is set by statute and can’t be increased unless lawmakers allow it.  So when consumers noticed their towing bill was more than the standard $90 tow, they joined a class action lawsuit claiming they were over-billed. On Tuesday, a settlement was reached between two of Columbus’ largest towing companies: Shamrock Towing and Camcar Towing. ..


Under a settlement, the towing companies will have to payback consumers.  Now, anyone whose car was towed between September 2008 and July 2014 qualifies – if their tow exceeded $90 and the $12 a day storage fee.” 

Our office is investigating claims of towing overcharge.   Call for a free consultation.




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