New Ford Focus Transmission Claim Filed

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Consumers continue to complain about Ford Focus transmission problem.  A California paper reports a new filing.

Consumer seeks rescission of Ford vehicle’s sales contract, alleges transmission has defects.   A Fresno County consumer alleges the Ford Focus she purchased has defects in the transmission.   Carolyn Garcia filed a complaint on June 13 in the Fresno County Superior Court against Ford Motor Co. and Does 1-10 alleging that they violated Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.    According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that on June 11, 2013, she purchased a brand new 2013 Ford Focus. Since then, she alleges the vehicle has suffered from serious defects and nonconformities to the warranties, including the repeated failure of the transmission system.

Owners of the Ford Focus may be entitled to compensation.  Call for a Free Consultation.

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