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Debt Collection Violations, False threats to Come to Home or Office

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been investigating false or misleading threats to consumers.

Examiners observed one or more entities in the course of collecting delinquent or defaulted loans making statements to borrowers that they must immediately contact the lenders to avoid additional collection activity, including being visited at home or work. In fact, the entity(ies) did not actually conduct such in-person collection visits. Supervision concluded these representations constituted deceptive acts or practices. Delinquent consumers could reasonably interpret the entity’s statements to mean that in-person visits to the consumers’ place of employment or home would take place if the consumers did not immediately contact the entities). The representations were material to consumers because they could cause consumers to change their behavior to avoid the promised visits. One or more entities agreed to modify their collection practices to comply with Federal consumer financial laws.

Couple receiving bad news over phone
Couple receiving threat  over the phone at home

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