Hyundai Transmission Problems


Owners of 2016 and 2017 Hyundais have experienced serious problems and may be entitled to refunds or compensation. One automobile publication describes problems with Hyundai Accent and other models,

“Another symptom of a slipped transmission in a Hyundai is jerking while driving. Again, this has commonly been reported in the Hyundai Accent. This can happen even when the gears are not in use. This jerking usually continues until the car reaches a lower RPM at which point the jerking lessens but doesn’t fully subside. In some cases, this has happened after the troublesome transmission was changed and the new transmission put in place. The jerking usually prevents the car from accelerating and driving faster than 20 MPH.

Bucking While in Overdrive

Bucking is another sign that the transmission could be slipping. When this happens, it causes the vehicle to speed up and slow down without effort from the driver. On such occasions, the RPM.”

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