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Owner of Lexus models have complained of odor problems.  One complaint alleges the ES vehicles emit odors into the cabins because of microbial growth on the evaporators or evaporator cores.  The evaporator is generally located inside the passenger compartment, buried under the instrument panel.  Our office recently handled an odor claim regarding another luxury vehicle.

Those evaporators consist of internal tubes to carry liquid refrigerant, with fins attached to them through which air can pass freely. As it passes into the evaporator, the cold refrigerant absorbs heat from the warmer air and humidity.

However, instead of draining enough from the HVAC system as it accumulates, the water builds up on the evaporator’s surface and the condensate allegedly traps pollen, bits of leaves, dead bugs and other debris that enters the HVAC system from outside the vehicle. This condition causes the growth of fungi and bacteria.

According to the lawsuit, Lexus cannot properly repair this problem permanently, leaving owners to keep making repairs to the vehicles.

The plaintiff says the Lexus ES HVAC system shares the same basic platform with the Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon. Owners of Toyota Camrys can attest to what they went through because of the smells.

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