Nissan Sentra Transmission Problems

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Onwers of the Nissan Sentra Xtronic CVT (continuously variable transmission) have complained of multiple transmission problems.  This includes stalling, hesitation, shifting problems, overheating, and releted concerns.   Several have focused on  2012-2017 Sentras have transmissions that overheat and fail due to the cooling systems.

The overheated CVT will send the Sentra into fail-safe mode which takes down the engine RPM to try to protect components from further damage, but drivers can expect vibrations, shaking and shuddering and then dealing with transmission failure.

A  class-action lawsuit alleges the transmission cooling systems are too small to handle the job of cooling the Xtronic CVTs enough to protect them from damage.

The suit alleges Nissan has  known about the CVT transmission problems for years from internal testing, replacement part orders and especially from customer complaints. Sentra owners complain about overheating, , noises, stalling and acceleration problems.

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