Chrysler Pacifica Stalling Problem

car-1751750_960_720A number of Chrysler Pacifica owners have complained of stalling.   Over the past several months numerous Fiat Chrysler consumers have reported stalling issues with their 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Specifically, the cars may stall at higher speeds and additionally consumers have complained of erratic performance,  losing the ability to accelerate, decelerate or use power steering.  A typical complaint

“On May 20, 2017, my 2017 Pacifica shut off while driving. The dash displayed the message, “vehicle must be in park to switch gears,” or something along those lines. I had to place my vehicle back in park and restart the engine. I was then able to drive normally. Having seen this happen, my husband, who doesn’t usually drive the car, realized that the same thing had happened to him a month prior. He thought that he had accidentally hit the gear knob or bumped something, but upon seeing it happen again, realized it was the same issue. We stopped driving the Pacifica and took it into the dealer first thing Monday morning (May 22).

Upon researching this issue, I’m finding more and more people having the same thing happen with their Pacificas. One lady I’m in contact with had her engine shut off going 60 mph down the turn pike in the rain. It was the third time it had happened to her and she’s now in the buyback process. Most people who have taken theirs for service have been told that no codes were pulled and to bring it back if it happens again. Obviously unacceptable.

On Wednesday, May 24, my dealer called and told me the same thing – no codes were pulled and we should drive it until it happens again. Well, since I’m not in the business of being a test dummy, I told them, “no thanks.” They agreed to keep our car and have since been very apologetic and are attempting to get to the bottom of the issue. Allegedly an engineer from Detroit was flown in and is working on my car.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in contact with Chrysler at the corporate level and had my case escalated. My concern is: why are there so many cases of Chrysler/Dodge cars shutting off while driving? Why are some Pacifica drivers being told to keep driving the vehicle until it happens again? One customer was told that his Pacifica was fixed but they refused to document the issue and wouldn’t tell him what was wrong or how they fixed it. One owner was told it was a VRM fail and another had the fuel rail sensor replaced. This all seems so fishy to me. I don’t understand how I can find so many instances of this happening by doing a quick google search, but Chrysler seems dumbfounded by this problem.”

Frustrating Phone Conversation

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