Audi 3 Stalling and Engine Problems



An engine stalling problems has caused a recall of 2017-18 Audi A 3 vehicles.  According to the manufacturer, the vehicles  can stall when “incorrect engine control unit software misreads the flywheel rotation”.   This misread can occur during engine start up or low RPM causing a loss of power during acceleration.  Safety concerns can arise.

1. Excerpts from the Audi Engine Safety Recall Report 

Manufacturer Name : Volkswagen Group of America,

Description of Defect : : Engine air/fuel mixture burning stability strategy, in connection with late ignition cycles, is not robust enough. During engine start-up or low engine RPM, as the dual mass flywheel begins to rotate, the system misinterprets this a “knocking” condition which may cause a vehicle to lose motive power when beginning to move from a stop or from a slow roll to acceleration. The vehicle can be immediately restarted. There have been no collisions or injuries associated with this issue. FMVSS 1 : NRFMVSS

2 : Description of the Safety Risk :An engine stall can increase the risk of a crash. Description of the Cause : Software issue within the engine control module (ECM). Identification of Any Warning that can Occur : If this fault occurs and the vehicle stalls, the red “Engine Stop While Driving” light will illuminate. Owners should refer to the vehicle owner’s manual.

Owners of Audi A3 vehicles may be entitled to compensation or refunds in addition to the remedies noted in the recall

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