New Jersey Used Car Dealer Fined for Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Advertising

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A Morris County auto dealer has been fined for violating consumer-protection laws following legal action brought by the Attorney General’s Office and the New Jersey State Division of Consumer Affairs.

The state’s 10-count complaint, filed in March, alleged that the dealer and its manager, ., violated the Consumer Fraud Act, motor vehicle advertising and automotive sales regulations and the Used Car Lemon Law and other regulations by advertising used motor vehicles for sale without disclosing to consumers the vehicle’s prior damage or prior use; selling vehicles “as-is” when they qualified for a warranty; and permitting third parties to advertise, offer for sale or sell used motor vehicles on Craigslist that were titled to the dealership.

Consumers purchasing defective or misrepresented vehicles may be entitled to compensation.  Claims can be filed under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, federal Magnuson-Moss Act and other lemon law.

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New Jersey Used Car Dealer Fined for Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Advertising

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