State Filed Claims Against New Jersey Used Car Dealership

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Attorney General Christopher Porrino and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs announced that the state is seeking restitution and civil penalties from a Newark used car dealer alleged to have violated the state Consumer Fraud Act and a number of state regulations concerning the sale of motor vehicles.

According to a Complaint filed in Superior Court, Essex County, the dealership located in  Newark, New Jersey,  allegedly engaged in a host of “unconscionable and deceptive business practices,” including “bait and switch” schemes where the business advertised vehicles at low prices and then refused to sell the cars at the advertised prices.

The complaint details claims  alleging violations of the Consumer Fraud Act, the Regulations Governing Motor Vehicle Advertising Practices, the Regulations Governing Automotive Sales Practices, the Used Car Lemon Law and/or the Used Car Lemon Law Regulations.  The complaint alleges the dealership:

misrepresented the price of used motor vehicles, failed to include required statements about consumer costs, failed to include the actual odometer reading of motor vehicles in advertisements and failed to disclose prior damage to a vehicle that required substantial repair and body work.

People who purchased a defective used car may be entitled to compensation or other recourse.  Call us at the Law Office of Howard Gutman, (973) 598-1980, for a free consultation on your New Jersey used car claim.

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