General Motors Steering Defect Class Action


1. Overview of GM Steering Class Action

A class action (Case 1:13-cv-00437-LJO-GSA)  has been filed alleging widespread steering problems on GM vehicles.  It alleges problems in:

  • 2009 through 2012 GMC Acadia,
  • 2009 through 2012 Buick Enclave, or
  • 2009 through 2012 Chevrolet Traverse vehicles.

The complaint alleges that even where Defendants (GM) agree to address consumer complaints of power steering being nonresponsive and/or completely failing, Defendants merely replace the defective rack and pinion, power steering pump, bushings, or steering gear with the same defective components.

2. Nature of Problem

The complaint says

“The class steering systems, equipped in all Class Vehicles, include the steering wheel, steering column, rack and pinion, steering pump, steering gear, steering gear bushings, and grommet at bottom, maneuvering the vehicle begins with the steering wheel, which is attached to the steering column.  From the steering column, the driver’s rotational input from the steering wheel is converted to linear motion through the rack and pinion.  A power steering pump employs hydraulic pressure to force directional movement with less action required by the driver. Clearly, the steering system is a very sophisticated system of interdependent components that are critical to the movement, direction and control of the vehicle.

The company  began to bring vehicles with the steering systems installed to the market. Unfortunately, these steering systems were plagued with numerous defects.  Dating back to 2008, if not before, Defendants were aware of the defects of the steering system. Defendants, however, failed and refused to disclose these known defects to consumers. As a result of this failure, Plaintiff and Class Members have been damaged.

3.  The Steering Defect Poses An Unreasonable Safety Hazard

Class Vehicles have habitually suffered steering system failure while in traffic, creating a very serious safety hazard. These failures often result in the steering wheel locking, loss of power steering while in motion, knocking, bumping, or grinding noises while turning, steering wheel instability, and steering wheel failure.

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You may be entitled to compensation for your GM steering defect.


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  1. I have a 2009 Chevrolet, I am about to go through the repairs. The vehicle has 116,000 miles on it. We have the same issue that The other complaintans have brought up. When you turn it makes a weird noise and hesitates . I know that this is going to cost more than 1500.00 to fix I have no choice because of what we still owe on the vehicle. This is going to be a hardship on our family.

  2. Sitting at the Apple Chevy dealership in York, PA. Steering issues. Waiting for a “diagnosis.” A 2011 Acadia. 2013 carfax says ” steering gear replaced.” Will they make it right?

  3. Recently crashed my GMC Acadia. Tried telling the police I was in my lane. And remember turning while going around a slight curve but my vehicle projected straight. Into another vehicle. I had no idea what happened just that I knew I was driving like usual and was sure the other vehicle involved hit me. Yes I was talking to my husband but in no way shape or form was it enough distraction to send me into another lane. I am now facing license suspension. Vehicle loss, employment loss, and im a mother of three. I haven’t been sleeping well and still swear up and down I was turning and did nothing wrong. I was able to turn the wheel to pull over to the right. But only after using my accelerator. Steering was still incredibly difficult to use. The 2010 GMC Acadia took on a f350 and ended up with $15000 in damages.

  4. 2009 Traverse: Steering always made rubbing sound. Dealer said it is not a problem and nothing could be done to fix (this was while under warranty). In 2015, with less than 100k miles, I had to completely replace the steering column, $2500 damage. NTSB listed numerous complaints on this problem. There was also a recall on steering related problems, and I tried to get reimbursed–but was told that my issue was a ‘different’ issue. This is GM’s fault from the get go, and they sold a car with a dangerous/faulty steering system. If there is any way to get reimbursed, I would like to know about it.

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