Owners of the Chrysler Pacific have complained about multiple engine problems and a class action has been filed.

1. Complaints

Here are typical complaints,

“Not even an hour after leaving the dealership the vehicle stalled, losing all power, and had to be restarted to regain power and driving ability at a stop light. We were not hit, but it is very dangerous to have a vehicle that stalls randomly.”

— NHTSA ID 11056049

“My pacifica’s engine turned off WHILE I WAS MOVING. I had no warning, just that it stopped accelerating and the screen said that car must be in park to put it in drive. Thankfully I had just turned onto a residential street, however, due to the steering being electronic, I had lost the power steering. I had to coast to a stop, then put it in park and press the on button with foot on brake like normal starting…I am not sure what to do at this point, I’m really nervous about driving it. The tech couldn’t tell me anything. I didn’t have any warning, and nothing weird happened with the vehicle before the shut off of the engine.”


“Purchased a brand new Chrysler Pacifica vehicle 3 wks ago on may 18 2017…May 21 was the first incident on the interstate in chicago we stalled in the middle of traffic for approximately 10 minutes. May 27 we pulled up to a stoplight and the engine stalled out on us that lasted approximately 3 minutes, the same day at a tollbooth we stalled out which lasted about 25 minutes before the car would start again…May 30 we left the grocery store the screen switch to the app page and would not switch back, the brakes locked and we lost engine power. That lasted 20 mins before car would start. June 7 car would not start after coming out of the grocery store waited 20 minutes then tried again car started 30 seconds after the ignition button has been pressed by itself. June 11 car stalled out pulling into the driveway. Took less then a minute to restart this time.



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