A class action was filed regarding problems with the Dodge Dart transmissions.  If you experienced problems with your Dodge Dart, please call (973) 598-1980 to learn about possible compensation.

  1. Description of Problems

2013-2016 Dodge Dart vehicles equipped with a Fiat C635 manual transmission that cause their vehicles’ clutches to fail and stick to the floor.

A class action states the “clutch pedal may loses pressure, sticks to the floor, and fails to engage/disengage gears. As a result, the  Vehicles exhibit stalling, failure to accelerate, and premature failure of the Clutch System’s components, including the clutch master cylinder (“CMC”) and reservoir hose, clutch slave cylinder (“CSC”) and release bearing, clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel (the “clutch defect”).” (Id. ¶ 2.) The clutch defect is caused by the degradation of the clutch reservoir hose, which releases plasticizer and fibers, causing contamination of the hydraulic fluid that bathes the components of the Clutch System.

This contamination can cause the seals of the CMC and CSC to swell and fail.  When fluid in the hydraulic system becomes contaminated, all of the components that have been exposed to the contaminated fluid must be replaced and any steel tubing must also be thoroughly cleaned with brake cleaner and blown out until dry to ensure that none of the contaminants remain. (Id. ¶ 8.) Plaintiffs also claim an additional defect in the CSC which exacerbates the problems with the Clutch System. FCA designed its CSC as an assembly composed of an aluminum body with a clipped-on plastic base whereas other manufacturers’ slave cylinders are composed of a single, solid cast aluminum component which creates a rigid base.

Business call

Call (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation on your Dodge Dart warranty claim.



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