Nissan CVT Transmission Class Action

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Owners of the Nissan CVT transmission have experienced multiple problems.   Owners may be entitled to compensation for problems and repair costs.  Here is an overview.

1. Nissan CVT Transmission

The CVT is an automatic transmission that uses two variable-diameter pulleys
with a steel belt running between them to change speed, instead of a gearbox and clutch
system. Rather than relying on the fixed gear ratios of the traditional automatic transmission,
the pulleys can adjust their width to make the belt turn faster or slower, depending on the speed of the vehicle and the torque needed. The CVT thus “simultaneously adjusts the
diameter of the ‘drive pulley’ that transmits torque from the engine and the ‘driven pulley’ that transfers torque to the wheels” to allow for an infinite number of gear ratios.   The CVT chooses the gear ratio optimum for driving conditions.  See Norman v. Nissan class action complaint.


2. Warranty Coverage

Nissan sold the Class Vehicles with a 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty
that purports to cover the CVT. However, consumers have complained that their CVTs failed and required replacement just outside the 60,000-mile warranty period.3. Complaints   Claims allege the transmissions show juddering, lag when attempting to accelerate, hard deceleration, complete failure and other symptoms, and that Nissan charges for replacement caused by defects in the transmission.

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