Traction Control Problems and Lemon Law

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Most cars since 2012 come with traction control.  Traction control is connected with the the antilock brake system (ABS)  and uses  many of  the same wheel-speed sensors to detect tire slip, and attempt to correct that.  Traction control maintains traction while accelerating and ABS does the same for braking.  Electronic stability systems compare the vehicle’s trajectory to where the driver seems to want it to go and brakes individual wheels to keep it on course.  See Traction control articleA

1. Cause of Problems

Some mechanics will attribute problems to usage.   As with antilock systems, the wheel-speed sensors, wires, connectors, control module and other components can have problems.  The sensors, wires and connectors are located at each wheel and live in a hostile environment of potholes, water, snow, dirt, tar, stones, other debris and more, so they take a beating and can fail.

2. Warning Lights 

A problem in the system will usually illuminate a dashboard warning light that traction control is disabled and, in some cases, ABS is disabled as well.   (When ABS is disabled, you should still have normal braking, just without the antilock action.) This is different from momentary illumination of the warning light; the light should always come on for a couple of seconds whenever you start the vehicle as well as when the system detects that a wheel is spinning freely and does its job to improve traction.  Traction control article

Wheel-speed sensors are supposed to detect when one drive wheel is spinning faster than the others — meaning the vehicle is slipping or losing traction. The system will then reduce power and/or apply the brakes to that wheel.  Braking the spinning wheel allows the power to go to the other drive wheel or wheels that have more traction.

3. Specific Makes and Models with Traction Control Problems 

Several vehicles have had frequent traction control issues.  See Nissan Rogue Youtube Traction Control Video
There have been many complaints about the GM Stabilitrak system.   See GM Stabilitrak Problems

Claims may be filed for breach of express warranty (inability to fix the vehicle), implied warranty (vehicle is not reasonably fit) or lemon law (failure to fix vehicle within specified number of repairs visits or mileage.

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