Audi Q7 Squeeking Brakes


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This is a new car and the brakes sounds like a 10 year old clunker 


Audi Q7 owners have complained about squeaking brakes and related problems.  A new class action lawsuit alleges Audi model year 2015-2018 Q7 SUVs are equipped with defective braking systems that cause loud high-pitched noise that creates a safety hazard.

The lawsuit alleges squealing and squeaking noises occur during routine driving when a driver uses the brake pedal. According to the plaintiff, Audi allegedly knows the Q7 brakes are so loud that everyone on the road is startled just from a driver applying the brakes.  See Audi brake noise article

Plaintiff  leased her 2017 Audi Q7 in January 2017 for more than $76,000 but by May 2017 the brakes started making loud squeaking and squealing noise when she applied the brake pedal.  Mercado says the noise occurs whether she is driving forward or in reverse and is allegedly so loud she can hear it with the windows closed while music plays in the Q7.

Mercado says she immediately informed the Audi dealer about the loud brake noise and has allegedly taken the SUV to the dealer multiple times since May 2017. The plaintiff claims one time technicians told her the SUVs are too heavy for the brakes, but other times technicians said they didn’t know what was causing the squeaking noise.  The plaintiff says she also contacted Audi USA in an attempt to resolve the loud brake noise, but she was allegedly referred back to her dealership for answers.

According to the  class-action lawsuit, Audi Q7 drivers have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the headaches of listening to loud brake noise coming from the luxury SUVs.   “2018 Q7 has high pitched brake squeal while backing & gradual braking. Audi USA and the dealership claim this is “normal”. When I said; “To who?” they replied Audi is working on a fix but no time table is available. OK, so it’s not normal then. Audi insults my intelligence by saying this is normal.”

Owners may be entitled to new vehicles, refunds, or compensation.

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