Oxycodon Claims

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1. OxyCodon Claims 

There are allegations that Purdue Pharmaceutical marketed Oxycontin without sufficient warning of his dangers, causing patients to become addicted.
The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy

2. Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy and Opportunity to Present Claims 

Following revelations of wrongdoing, a verdict by a governmental entity, the company declared bankruptcy.

Purdue Pharma Claims

Our office is representing individuals who have addiction claims.  We provide a free consultation and will help prepare your claim on a contingency basis (no payment required.

If you  believe you have been injured by Purdue, or Purdue prescription opioids, like OxyContin® or other prescription opioids produced, marketed or sold by Purdue, you can file a claim for compensation. The Bankruptcy Court has set June 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (Prevailing Eastern Time) (the “Bar Date”) as the deadline for each person, entity, governmental unit and Native American Tribe to file Proofs of Claim for claims that arose from an action taken by the Debtors prior to September 15, 2019 (but you may file a claim for damages suffered by any person or entity both prior to and after that date).

If you are interested in discussing your claim, call (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation.

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