2023 Tesla Model Y Problems and Complaints

2023 Tesla Model Y  Hot Cars.com

“The Tesla Model Y is an SUV version of the Tesla Model 3, and they share fundamental underpinnings, features, and equipment. Owners enjoy the Tesla Model Y since it’s agile, quick, and roomy, but they also face issues relating to body integrity, climate systems, and in-car electronics. Furthermore, the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is unfortunate.

“Not long ago, the NHTSA identified some safety concerns with the Tesla Model Y on several occasions, prompting nine recalls involving loose brake caliper bolts, suspension, seat belts, brakes, and so on. The issues, which have lingered for a while now, persist into the new model year, with numerous complaints about the Tesla Model Y involving brakes, steering, electrical systems, and many more.”

The following includes a variety of problems experienced with The Tesla from Consumer Reports and other sources;

  1. Phantom Braking: Owners have reported issues with the vehicle’s autonomous driving system triggering sudden and unnecessary braking incidents, which can be unsettling and potentially unsafe[1].
  2. Suspension Flaws: Some users have experienced problems with the suspension system, including unusual noises and inconsistencies in ride quality[4].
  3. Charging Issues: There have been complaints about charging problems, including slow charging rates and difficulties with Tesla’s Supercharger network[4].
  4. Steering Wheel Issues: Instances of the steering wheel coming loose have been reported, which poses a significant safety concern[4].
  5. Touchscreen Problems: Users have encountered touchscreen malfunctions and glitches in the vehicle’s central control system[4].
  6. Alarms Triggered Easily: Some owners have complained about alarms being triggered too easily, which can lead to unnecessary alerts and distractions[4].
  7. Build Quality Issues: There have been concerns about the build quality of the 2022-2023 Model Y, including issues with panel gaps and overall fit and finish[6].
  8. Reliability: Consumer Reports predicts that the 2023 Model Y may be less reliable compared to the average new car, based on data from previous model years[2].

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