Chrysler Pacifica Stalling Problem

A number of Chrysler Pacifica owners have complained of stalling.   Over the past several months numerous Fiat Chrysler consumers have reported stalling issues with their 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Specifically, the cars may stall at higher speeds and additionally consumers have complained of erratic performance,  losing the ability to accelerate, decelerate or use power … Continue reading Chrysler Pacifica Stalling Problem

Honda Accord Starter Problems

  Owners of the Honda Accords and Crosstour have complained about starter problems.   Plaintiff Joel Merkin alleges 2013-2015 Honda Accord and Crosstour vehicles containing V6 engines are at risk of being stranded on the roads because the starters fail. Merkin says the starter problems begin during or shortly after the expiration of the limited warranty … Continue reading Honda Accord Starter Problems

Chrysler Pacific Stalling Problem

Owners of the Chrysler Pacifica have complained of stalling, vehicle cutoff, and erratic performance.   On May 20, 2017, my 2017 Pacifica shut off while driving. The dash displayed the message, "vehicle must be in park to switch gears," or something along those lines. I had to place my vehicle back in park and restart … Continue reading Chrysler Pacific Stalling Problem

Nissan Versa Transmission Class Action

  Owners of the Nissan Versa have experienced multiple transmission problems.  Problems with the  CVT  transmission have been reported by many drivers, and a class action has been filed.  Owners may be entitled to compensation or new vehicles because of the multiple problems.  Here is one report.   "A Nissan Versa CVT (continuously variable transmission) … Continue reading Nissan Versa Transmission Class Action

"A 2010 Ford Fusion power steering assist fault recall may be near as the government investigates more than 2,200 complaints and 1,720 warranty claims about Fusion cars losing power steering assist while driving. About 263,000 model year 2010 Ford Fusions are affected by the upgraded investigation that was opened in September 2016 because owners said they kept receiving power steering assist fault warnings as drivers were left with manual steering.


    Owners of Ford F150 have complained of various types of transmission problems.  Those experiencing problems may be entitled to compensation.  Here are problems reported, hard downshift excessive vibration, grinding noises from transfer case not shifting properly slipping transmission leaking fluid clunks under load in 4wd reverse not working torque converter chatter transmission failure … Continue reading FORD F-350 TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS

2013-2014 Nissan Altima Earns “Clunker”

The website, which tallies complaints on vehicles as reported to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, has tagged the 2014 Nissan Altima with its "clunker" badge due to the number of complaints about the CVT transmission. If you are having problems such as shuddering, jerking, or transmission problems like other consumers, contact the Law … Continue reading 2013-2014 Nissan Altima Earns “Clunker”

Nissan CVT Transmission Defects

  Owners of the Nissan Versa CVT transmission have experienced significant problems with the transmission.  Those include lurging, hesitatio, and repair not covered by warranty.  Nissan Versa owners may be entitled to compensation or new vehicles. A recent article discusses problems with the Versa CVT. "A Nissan Versa CVT (continuously variable transmission) lawsuit … Continue reading Nissan CVT Transmission Defects


    Owners of Hyundai and Kia vehicles with the Theta II engines have experienced problems.  Those with engine or other concerns may be entitled to compensation.  An NHTSA investigation discusses problems, "Hyundai and Kia vehicles equipped with Theta II engines and recalled because of those engines are the focus of an investigation by the … Continue reading HYUNDAI AND KIA THETA ENGINE PROBLEMS