Warranty Problems

False or Worthless Warranty Claim

A lawsuit claims that a New Jersey-based auto dealer that specializes in high-end used cars sold customers warranties that did not exist and pocketed the thousands of dollars customers paid for them. The suit alleges that the firm and its employees pushed and sold the warranties to unsuspecting car buyers for years. Some customers claim… Continue reading False or Worthless Warranty Claim

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Chevrolet Equinox Service Bulletins and Fixes

Chevrolet Equinox owners have had multiple problems.  Owners may be entitled to new vehicles or cash compensation.  Here are some fixes and service bulletins from GM. Summary: THIS PRELIMINARY INFORMATION BULLETIN PROVIDES A PROCEDURE TO REPLACE CERTAIN COMPONENTS TO CORRECT A CUSTOMER CONCERN OF A STEERING VIBRATION, FELT THROUGH THE STEERING WHEEL AND VEHICLE STRUCTURE,… Continue reading Chevrolet Equinox Service Bulletins and Fixes

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Chevrolet Equinox Stalling and Engine Problems

  Owners of the Chevrolet Equinox have complained of engine problems and stalling.  Some typical repairs include, replaced throttle body, relearned idle, cleared codes, cam shaft sensor mass airflow intake sensor replaced replace camshaft /amf/camshaft actuator, see carcomplaints.com Problems have continued and owners may be entitled to new vehicle or compensation.  Call for a Free… Continue reading Chevrolet Equinox Stalling and Engine Problems

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Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet owners have reported multiple problems with the Equinox.  Owners may be entitled to compensation and other relief.   One typical problem has been the transmission with lurching, jerking, erratic performance, whining noise reported.   Others have reported engine problems with the Equinox with complaints including, Excessive Oil Consumption Engine Stalls/Dies While Driving Check Engine Light… Continue reading Chevrolet Equinox

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Chevy Equinox Oil Consumption and Engine Problems

Owners of the Chevrolet Equinox have reported multiple problems.   One common problem area is the engine and here are some typical repairs,    replace engine (7 reports) replaced piston rings (5 reports) have gm recall all defective 2.4 engines (requests) replaced pistons / rings / oil sesnor (2 reports) replaced cam shaft actuators, resealed (1 reports) Excessive oil consumption is frequently reported. 

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GM Air Conditioning Problem

Owners of certain makes and models of General Motors vehicles have been reporting air conditioners blowing warm air, not enough air, or failing altogether.  Not only have their air conditioners failed, but they have had to wait months for the dealer to obtain replacement parts to correct the defect, because GM is swamped with A/C… Continue reading GM Air Conditioning Problem

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Chevrolet Silverado Manufacturer Service Bulletins

Owners of the Chevrolet Silverado have experienced multiple problems.  GM has issued various service bulletins, as compiled by carcomplaints.com, but the reports continue.  Owners may be entitled to new vehicle, compensation, or other relief.   STEERING:  ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST SYSTEM TSB #SB-16-NA-109 NHTSA ID #10078430 Date Announced: APRIL 01 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Service Bulletins How… Continue reading Chevrolet Silverado Manufacturer Service Bulletins

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Nissan Altima Defects

Owners of the Nissan Altima have experienced multiple problems  Recalls and bulletins have failed to satisfactorily address the problems for many consumers. Consumers with significant repair histories may be entitled to compensation,  new vehicles, or full refunds.  Problems reported include, CVT Transmission  CVT shuttering, vibration, hesitation, running roughly, gear shift stuck in park. shifting at… Continue reading Nissan Altima Defects

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Cablevision Class Action Settlement

  Cablevision previously resolved a class action dealing with its video services. The Settlement Class includes all persons in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York who subscribed to Cablevision’s video services and paid a monthly fee to Cablevision to lease a Set-Top Box.  The settlement provided, a one-time credit, several  months of Starz/Encore, including Starz… Continue reading Cablevision Class Action Settlement