Nissan Versa Transmission Recall and Service Bulletins

businessman signing a contractNissan Versa Transmission Recall and Service Bulletins

Owners of the Nissan Versa have experienced multiple transmission problems including  noise, vibration and poor acceleration.

  1. Nissan Versa Transmission Service Bulletins

Nissan issued Service Campaign Bulletin SB-10058399-9756,  Service Campaign for the 2013-2014 Sentra, 2012-2014 Versa Sedan, and 2014 Versa Note CVT.  This campaign was issued to address noise, vibration and poor acceleration caused by belt
slippage in the CVT transmission with the fix reprogramming of the Transmission Control Module (“TCM”).    Nissan then issued Technical Service Bulletin (“TSB”) NTB14-
118b to address “Judder on Deceleration Under 15 MPH.   The TSB was released to correct “judder or shake (pulsing sensation, or fore/aft sensation) … while slowing to a stop.” The repair procedure provided was a reprogramming of the TCM.    Problems  persisted and a new service bulletin included additional model years.   (See class action complaint, Norman v. Nissan North America,  (Dk 3:18-cv-00588).

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Nissan CVT Transmission Class Action

GM brake problem

Owners of the Nissan CVT transmission have experienced multiple problems.   Owners may be entitled to compensation for problems and repair costs.  Here is an overview.

1. Nissan CVT Transmission

The CVT is an automatic transmission that uses two variable-diameter pulleys
with a steel belt running between them to change speed, instead of a gearbox and clutch
system. Rather than relying on the fixed gear ratios of the traditional automatic transmission,
the pulleys can adjust their width to make the belt turn faster or slower, depending on the speed of the vehicle and the torque needed. The CVT thus “simultaneously adjusts the
diameter of the ‘drive pulley’ that transmits torque from the engine and the ‘driven pulley’ that transfers torque to the wheels” to allow for an infinite number of gear ratios.   The CVT chooses the gear ratio optimum for driving conditions.  See Norman v. Nissan class action complaint.


2. Warranty Coverage

Nissan sold the Class Vehicles with a 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty
that purports to cover the CVT. However, consumers have complained that their CVTs failed and required replacement just outside the 60,000-mile warranty period.3. Complaints   Claims allege the transmissions show juddering, lag when attempting to accelerate, hard deceleration, complete failure and other symptoms, and that Nissan charges for replacement caused by defects in the transmission.

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Cadillac Escalade Engine Problems



Owners of the Cadillac Escalade have complained of various engine problems.  Owner may be entitled to compensation on different legal claims.

1. Lemon law

If the vehicle is relatively new, the lemon law may cover it.

2. Breach of Express Warranty and Implied Warranty

The vehicle has a standard and power train warranty.   While the manufacturer may be given an opportunity to repair, a claim can be presented if it fails.   The law implies a warranty that the vehicle is reasonably fit.  If there are persistent problems claims can be filed.

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Problem Category Number of Problems
Engine And Engine Cooling problems
Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problems
Car Stall problems
Engine Exhaust System problems
Engine problems
Engine Shut Off Without Warning problems
Engine Cooling System problems
Gas Recirculation Valve (egr Valve) problems
Check Engine Light On problems

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Cadillac Escalade Engine Problems

Woman with broken car

Owners of the Cadillac Escalade have experienced multiple engine problems.  Owners may be entitled to compensation or replacement vehicles.

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Common Engine And Engine Cooling related problems of Cadillac Escalade (from Carproblemzoo)

Cable Television Overcharges

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That’s Not What Charge is Supposed to Be 


Have you found your cable bill was more than promised.  Was your bill changed only temporarily and excessive charges reinstated without your consent.  Our office is handling claims involving

* overcharges,
* lack of promised services,
* unexpected add-ons and additional fees.

Other Sources

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Dodge Dart Clutch Defect Class Action



A Dodge Dart clutch lawsuit  alleges the cars have multiple defects in the clutch systems.  Plaintiffs claimed their 2013-2016 Dodge Dart cars equipped with Fiat C635 manual transmissions have clutch pedals that fail and stick to the floors.  The plaintiffs claim the hydraulic clutch system is defective where the “clutch pedal loses pressure, sticks to the floor, and fails to engage/disengage gears.”

As a result, the Dodge Darts stall, fail to accelerate and suffer from premature failure of the clutch components, including the “clutch master cylinder and reservoir hose, clutch slave cylinder, release bearing, clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel.  The complaint alleged the problems cause  cause contamination of the hydraulic fluid and the contamination causes the internal and external seals of the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder to swell and fail.

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Acura 9 Speed Transmission Recall


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Acura has recalled about 8,300 model year 2015 Acura TLX V6 cars equipped with 9-speed automatic transmissions.

In September 2016, Acura informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about plans to recall the cars to update the transmission software, but there was a delay of sorts. Acura says it couldn’t reach an agreement with NHTSA on the language of the recall, so the automaker went ahead and notified owners and started recall repairs. Before all that, transmission supplier ZF filed a defect notice regarding certain transmissions installed in vehicles from numerous automakers, including the 2015 TLX.   ZF reported insufficient crimps in the transmission wire harness can cause the transmission control unit to misread electrical signals and send the car into failsafe mode. That mode will cause the transmission to shift into NEUTRAL and the vehicle will coast to a stop.

Acura believes a small number of cars may be affected by the problem and the automaker says they are providing the software update out of an abundance of caution. However, the update won’t fix the problems as engineers say the software update will only cause a warning light to activate if problems are detected. In addition, the update will extend the period before the transmission is placed into failsafe mode, allegedly giving an owner time to get the car to a dealer for repairs.   See

If you have had problems with your Acura Transmission you may be entitled to a new vehicle or compensation for your problem.  Call 973 598-1980 for a Free Consultation.

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Angry woman sitting on stairs and using tablet

When you get promised one rate and charged another, it’s frustrating. When it happens to thousands of customers getting service from the same company all at once, it’s probably a sign of a systematic problem. And one report now says thousands of AT&T and DirecTV customers have been complaining about exactly that for years.
When CBS News went digging, it found more than 4,000 complaints against AT&T and DirecTV (the two merged in 2015) over the last two years relating to overcharges, deals, and promotional pricing gone awry.

If you have been deceived by your cable company, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Frustrating Phone Conversation

Are you getting fleeced on appraisal charges when you buy a house or refinance? Could you be paying as much as double what the appraiser is receiving for actually doing the work, with the excess going to an undisclosed third party? Many appraisers say yes. And they’re eager to let consumers know that when the appraisal charge is $500 or $800 or $1,000, they’re frequently being paid just a fraction of that. The rest is going to an “appraisal management” company under contract with the lender to oversee the appraisal process. Management companies hire the appraiser, negotiate fees, review the appraisal and send it to the lender. Management companies often select appraisers willing to work for relatively low fees. In exchange, they make assignments available to appraisers that they might not otherwise receive.   Controversy arises when management companies add 35 to 50 percent surcharges — or more — onto the final bill to the consumer.

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