Claim filed against New Jersey Used Car Dealership

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The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has filed suit against  a used car dealership located in Morris County alleging that the dealership advertised used motor vehicles for sale without disclosing to consumers the vehicle’s prior damage or prior use, sold vehicles “as is” when they qualified for a warranty, and permitted third parties to advertise and sell used motor vehicles that were titled.  See

The complaint also alleges that the used car dealership  failed to provide  title and registration to used motor vehicles prior to the expiration of temporary title and/or registration; required that consumers sign blank sales documents; and offered used motor vehicles for sale at the dealership location that did not have prominently displayed the Federal Trade Commission Used Car Buyers Guide, a document which, among other things, indicates whether such vehicle comes with a warranty.

The dealership is also accused of offering for sale used motor vehicles that did not have the total selling price conspicuously posted, and advertising used cars through a website without the required statement that “price(s) include(s) all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing costs, registration fees and taxes.”
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