Ford MyTouch Electrical Problems


Owners for several Ford vehicles have filed a class action noting problems with the Ford MyTouch system.

People  purchased vehicles from Ford that were equipped by MyFord Touch (“MFT”), an “infotainment” system. The Ford My Touch system suffered from an underlying, systemic defect in its base software that caused numerous problems, many of which are described in more detail below. In general, these involved failure of navigation systems, failure of Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free systems, failure of the climate control system, frequent freezes and lock-ups, the failure of the back-up camera including images that froze in place, and so on. . When malfunctions occurred, certain vehicle features allegedly became inoperable because the Ford My Touch System  was the only way to utilize them.  These malfunctions distract drivers and interfere with use of the car.

Ford has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleges MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch infotainment systems malfunction on a routine basis.

The plaintiffs claim the systems freeze, fail to connect to phones, won’t provide correct GPS information, fail to respond to repeated voice commands and finally crash.

According to the lawsuit, Ford has known for years about the defective systems and according to the judge, internal documents from Ford have details about repairs that didn’t fix the problems. The documents also suggest Ford knew the system failures could cause safety hazards while driving.

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