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A class action was filed saying model year 2012 through 2017 Jeep Wrangler vehicles have a defect  that caused the heater, defroster and air conditioning systems to fail.   During the production process, Chrysler does not sufficiently purge the sand from the cylinder head,” alleges the Jeep lawsuit. “Thus, excess sand is left in the cylinder head that seeps out gradually as the vehicle is driven.”

Furthermore, say the plaintiffs, “[a]ll sand must be removed or destroyed during production of the cylinder head or other component engine parts will experience extensive problems. Specifically, any residual sand that remains from the sand-casting process in the engine can also improperly circulate through the vehicle’s cooling system and settle in the heater core, radiator, and oil cooling systems. The sand forms a sludge-like build-up in the bottom of the radiator reservoir that continues to accumulate until heating and cooling systems malfunction and fail.”

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