Land Rover Sun Roof problems

Sun Roof Problems

Here are some typical complaints.

Hi, all

My sunroof motor apparently went out, with the symptoms of buzzing sound during operation, not moving forward without manually being pushed, and, finally, stopping in forward down/aft-open position. One side (passenger) of the rear of the sunroof panel is lower than the other. I have it taped up right now, to prevent water leakage.

Just so happens the headliner’s been coming down for awhile, now, so, while I’m doing the job on the motor, the headliner backing will be out, getting relined.

No suggestions, other than to say that my wife had her motor and track replaced under warranty once, and then it started acting up again, and she honestly felt she had only used it once or twice since the first rapair. A friend, who worked for a LR delaership said it was a major problem and LR wasn’t making any effort to come up with a permanant fix, just don’t use it.
Thankfully that car is gone. It seems the tracks are the major problem, leading to eventual motor failure.

Well, it turned out the sunroof assembly I found online was used. Didn’t want to risk that so I looked around and found a guy on the web who is not too far from where I live in Central Florida. His name is Bill and he runs a mobile service … and he also deals with sunroof issues.

When I called him, he was able to diagnose what the problems were — and which parts I needed — over the phone. We met the next morning, and less than 2 hours later, he had me on my way. He did an excellent job, and, including parts labor and tax, his fee was less than $450.

Needless to say, I was very happy, considering I was looking at a $1200 fix for this issue.

As luck would have it, the very next week, my rear driver side window regulator went out. I mentioned on this site last year that I spent $255 from my local dealer, buying the same part for the opposite window, and installed it myself. Well, this time, I consulted eBay, found the part, brand new, for $120, plus $11.60 shipping. I put it in, in less than 30 minutes, and that was that.

If you’re even basically handy, some of these issues can be pretty easy and inexpensive fixes, considering. It certainly lessens the blow, substantially, if you can find the parts for a good price, and do the work yourself, or find someone other than the dealers to rectify it for you. I hope this helps someone.

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