Lincoln Nautilus Transmission Problems


  1. Transmission Problem Overview

    One source reports continuing complaints about the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus.
  2. Reported Complaints to the NHTSA

    Loved my 2016 MKX. Replaced it with the 2019 Nautilus when my lease ended. Within first 300 miles of driving it, the engine lurched forward when putting it into gear. It happened more than once a day. Dangerous in a parking lot, on a street when parallel parked, and cannot park it in my garage for fear it will lurch into my house. The following week the dealer’s service dept confirmed they were able to replicate the problem – and the service could relate bc his wife’s Nautilus does the same thing! We were told this is a new problem (?) and they are investigating the fix with corporate. That later became corporate has had reports of this with the 2.7L engine, but does not have a fix. “

Nautilus Select Turbo V6 2.7L
Automatic transmission6,257 miles
This is one of three problems I have had with the 2019 Nautilus since purchasing. I have NEVER had this much trouble with a vehicle in my life. Purchased in early March. Considering checking out lemon laws in OK. The change from reverse to drive intermittently creates a large clunk and passengers in my car (embarrassing since this is a new car!) thought I had hit so,etching the jolt was so violent. Definitely a major issue with transmission or electronics dictating the transmissions behavior.


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