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Owners of the Mercedes Benz GLC have experienced problems with brakes, steering/suspension and power equipment.  Consumer Reports has listed the vehicle as among the most problematic.  Owners may be entitled to a refund, exchange or compensation for vehicle problems.

Here are some reports from a Mercedes forum.

Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock.   Another owner reported,

I have had this problem since new but now the weather is cold and damp or wet the problem is much worse. I have viewed other owners concerns about this phenomena and would like to document my experience.
Has anyone else with any GLC model had a Malfunction! warning.  I have a GLC 250d that is ~ 14 months old, & this warning has suddenly just started coming up over the last couple of months.  I’ve now had the car in for repair at 2 different MB dealerships for a total of 4 days in workshops & neither has been able to fix.  Ist dealership replaced the Air valve control box (apparently flown in from Singapore). The usual first thing that all repairers do these days is to upgrade software which was also done at first repairer.  Interestingly, I’ve noticed a flash up on the LCD screen of the rear seats (maybe seatbelt sensor) just prior to malfunction warning

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