New Jersey Law on Returning Used Car


I bought a car three days ago and it has problems, I just want to  return the car and get my money back.  Unfortunately, that is usually quite difficult.  We review the law on vehicle returns and dealer practice.

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1. No Three Day Rescission Period

On door to door sales, certain real purchases, and other transaction, there is a three day cancellation period.  Unfortunately that does not apply to used car sales.

2. Dealer Policies

A car is a large purchase and second thoughts  common.  The vehicle may seem too costly on reflection, and friends and family may point out problems with a purchase, finance documents may indicate the cost was not as promised, and a mechanic may identify problems with the car.   Managers are used to receiving and rejecting or deflecting requests for repurchase.  There may be a substantial profit margin on the car, the owner who sold a car acquired for 3,000 at auction for 9,000 will not be quick to undo the transaction.


3. Laws

There are several laws that help protect the purchaser.  The lemon law can help but used car lemon laws can be weaker than new car lemon laws.  If the vehicle is defective, sometimes financing has been misrepresented.  Claims may be filed based on,

used car lemon law,

financing or other fraud,

claims for breach of warranty against the warranty provider.

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