Chevrolet Silverado Vibration

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A number of consumers have complained about vibration on the Chevrolet Silverado.  One source  states,

“It is not wheel balancing. We have had several of 2014 trucks with vibrations, both Chevy and GMC. One of our technicians found the teeth on the ring gear in the differential were different lengths. Supposedly fixed a few. Mine vibrates like crazy. I can feel it the instant I hit the gas and different speeds as high as 85 mph. I haven’t had mine done yet as I don’t want to throw parts at it. There are a lot of trucks with this issue. Not sure if the ring gear is really the issue. If it is, they better do something about it. Either a service campaign, or recall. My double cab was less than 500 units in production at Fort Wayne and the assembly quality has been horse $hit. It should never have left the factory with the issues my truck has. Many of them are because of poor assembly. My truck makes me embarrassed for anyone who works there.”

Another wrote, “My dealer has tried more than 3 times to correct the vibration issue on my vehicle.  It’s not from a lack of trying to fix it but they are simply puzzled.  The GM rep has checked my truck out and I’ve been thru 6 tires and it still shakes… I found an attorney in Florida who specializes in Lemon Law vehicles and i’m going see what my options are.  Has anyone successfully had their vehicle replaced or refunded from GM?   My dealership has been very good to me but I’m getting tired of driving an LT demo truck when I’m paying for a LTZ.”

Customers with vibration problems may be entitled to compensation or other relief.

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