2013 Dodge Ram defective paint

Bought a Brand new 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Black, Clear Coat, but found the whole entire truck Painted with Metallic in the paint, which is a Copper Metallic paint under clear coat. They confirmed that this color is not an available color, and believe the lines for spray lines were not cleaned before my new truck was painted PX8 ( Black Clear Coat) non metallicIn talks with Dodge, refuse to help, but they would like to Paint entire truck, only had truck a few months and have 3521 miles on it. I told them I didn’t buy a new truck and have it painted 3 months later. I agreed to trade it in, but they said I would have to take a loss??? I post a picture of my PX8If anybody that is important that can help? 215-677-4477

Source: http://www.ramforum.com/f41/2013_dodge_ram_paint_defect_px8_everybody_check_thier_new_truck-32020/

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