Honda Accord Coupe Steering and Alignment

Model: Honda Accord Coupe

Problems: Steering and Alignment

Summary: You guys are dumb, its not your control arm. Here’s how to make your steering wheel straight. At the bottom by your gas and break pedal if you look above it you’ll see a cover covering the steering wheel shaft/bar, take that cover off. Then you will see the knuckle which is held on by two bolts one on the bottom of it and one top. Unloosen those you may have to turn your steering wheel to get to each bolt. After those bolts are off don’t remove the knuckle just yet turn your steering wheel back so your wheels are straight, then take the knuckle off. After that straighten the steering wheel to where you think it is straight then put the knuckle back on and then put the bolts back on the knuckle. Put the cover you took off back on and you’re done.


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