Jeep Cherokee Transmission Malfunctions

Many owners have reported a pronounced delay from the time that they step on the gas, until the truck starts to move. These same people also say that stepping on the gas could result in unexpected wheel spin. 2nd Gear – The most common complaint about this gear is that the transmission will hang in 2nd, and not up shift for an extended period of time.

Jeep Cherokee Recall

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain model year 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee and 2015 Chrysler 200, Jeep Renegade, RAM ProMaster, and 2016 Fiat 500X. Chrysler will notify owners, dealers will update the transmission software to prevent the transmission from shifting into neutral due to a faulty crimp, free of charge

Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems

Drove a Chrysler 200s with 9 speed transmission and its responsiveness was a nightmare. First at highway speed it was very (very) hard to accelerate when you wanted to change line and make pass. It took ridiculous long time to downshift and found the necessary power

Addressing Jeep Cherokee Repair Procedures: Consumer Perspective

Chrysler has had significant problems with the Jeep Cherokee.  Car and Driver and other publications describe significant problems with multiple complaints reported to the NHTSA.   With attempts to resolve the problem largely unsuccessful, Chrysler has now developed a strategy for addressing claims.  Here are some recommendations. Document your repair history At Chrysler’s suggestion, dealers may... Continue Reading →

Jeep Cherokee Class action filed by Howard Gutman

Chrysler Hit With Jeep Cherokee Class Action Over Transmission Problems An article in topclassaction profiles the Jeep transmission claim filed by our office.  Excerpt from the article follow. By Courtney Jorstad, August 11, 2015 The Chrysler Group LLC, which is now known as FCA US LLC, was hit with an amended class action lawsuit in a New... Continue Reading →

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