Kia Sedona Power Sliding Door Defect

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Kia Sedona owners have complained about problems with the sliding doors.  Owners may be entitled to compensation or other relief.

More than 106,400 model year 2015-2018 Kia Sedona minivans have power sliding doors that could automatically close on objects located between the sliding doors and the minivans.  The power sliding door module controls the sensor that is located in the interior door well and detects movement while the sliding door closes.

Kia and the supplier determined the original programming of the module is set to a threshold level that can fail to detect objects in the path of the door sliding closed. This will prevent the automatic stop and reversal feature from doing its job.

In September 2017, Kia was looking at field data and found 17 customer complaints about power sliding doors that didn’t detect obstructions in 2015-2017 Sedona.  Engineers inspected the minivans and found the doors worked as intended, so Kia decided to monitor the field for additional problems.

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