Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems jumping, lunging,

Model:   Ford Fiesta

Problems:   jumping,lunging,lurching

Summary: I just bought a used 2013 Ford Fiesta with about 43-44,000 miles on it. I drove the car off the authorized dealer’s lot on yesterday 8/31/2014. The first thing that I noticed was, as I entered the highway, the car had trouble getting up to speed with the flow of traffic. Later on the same day pulling out of an establishment to enter the main road I pressed the accelerator and the car jerked and acted like it was going to stall out. Then it lunged forward into the street! had there been oncoming traffic, this could have caused an accident with me and my family in the car! the car hesitates to shift gears correctly. The RPM hand revs up real high on a light push on the gas pedal and doesn’t come down efficiently so the car jerks when if finally “catches”. I’ve had this car for one day! this is a danger and something needs to be done!



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